Where luxury comes as standard

Welcome to our newly built, Luxury Cattery Boarding facility, (License No 20/02540/ANIACT) 


We are located on the Worcestershire & Warwickshire border just 7 miles south of Stratford-Upon-Avon.  Easily reached from the major road networks and motorways, but set in the gorgeous countryside away from the hustle and bustle of city life.

A rural peaceful retreat for your cat, whilst you enjoy your own well deserved  holidays and travels.  As owners, we live on site, so can offer around the clock occupancy, thus always on hand should your pets need anything, day or night.

Long or Short term boarding welcome.  Minimum stay is 3 days.  Cats on medication, special diets, or needing special care are more than welcome.  

Luxury Chalet style pens - purpose built to accommodate your treasured cats - a home away from home, where luxury comes as standard.  Pens are large and spacious, designed to hold an individual cat or a family group of up to 4 from same household. 

From young kittens to the Golden Oldies all have their own unique space here at Low Furrow.

If you have a specific preference, then please feel free to request your own Chalet when booking.  

LATEST NEWS - WE ARE EXPANDING OUR FACILITY.  We are pleased to announce that we have been granted planning permission for a new 16 pen building.  Boarding is proving very popular and we are regretfully having to turn people away at the moment as we are now even with our extended pens -  fully booked.  Expected to be ready in time for Christmas 2022.  We will update you as we progress.....

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All Cats MUST have current up-to-date vaccination certificates which must be presented on arrival.  Cats cannot board without an up to date vaccination card against Feline Infectious Enteritis, Feline Leukeamia and Cat Flu.

Animals should be flea and worm free.  We ask that they are in good health and up to date with any worm/flea treatment regime that you have in place.  We would recommend that you treat your animals prior to their arrival at the cattery.

All male cats over 6 months of age must be neutered.  

Cats are accepted for boarding at any age, as pens are designed to accommodate both agile, and the not so agile pets. 

Due to our rural setting, we are happy to board all breeds of cats, including Siamese and Bengals.

Please ensure you read through our full terms and conditions before completing the booking form as they are part of the legal agreement between our two parties.  Please ensure booking form is completed in full including all necessary details.  We reserve the right to refuse any booking.  

Minimum booking period is 3 days (2 nights).  Charges apply for each 'day' of your cats stay (therefore this includes the day of arrival and the day of collection).  Animals not collected on the agreed date will be charged additional for every day/part day that they stay with us.   Collections are only available during our normal opening hours.  Please pay particular attention to the bank holiday and weekend hours.   Any animal movements outside of our opening hours are by prior agreement only and cannot be guaranteed.

Cats booked into 'shared' pens may if deemed necessary be separated into separate pens if it is considered necessary - fees will then be chargeable as if they were individual bookings.     Cats may only share a pen if from the same household,  We never place cats from different households into the same pen.

If a cat suffers illness or injury, firstly we will make every effort to contact you as the owner, or your designated alternative contact.  We will also make every effort to contact your own vet as necessary.  Basic Feline First Aid will be given as appropriate, unless the owner expressly withdraws permission for this to be done.  In the event of not being able to contact either the owner, or third party contact, we will if the vet deems it necessary take the cat/small animal to our own registered vet.  All fees thus incurred will be the responsibility of the animals owner.

Cats and small animals that require any form of medication are accepted at our discretion, and additional charges may apply for any treatment that needs to be given.

We have liability insurance in place and take all reasonable steps to ensure the safety and welfare of your cat/small animal during their stay with us.  However, in the unlikely event of an 'escape' Low Furrow Cattery will not be held responsible for such incidents, and the cat/small animals are boarded at the owner's own risk.  

In the unlikely event that the cat/small animal suffers any unexpected illness or death.  Low Furrow Cattery will not be held responsible for such occurrence.

Payment must be made in advance 50% at the time of booking, and 50% balance 30 days before first boarding date.  Payment may be accepted on arrival with prior agreement.   Payments can be made via cash, card, cheque or bank transfer/online payment.

We would suggest that you bring bedding and toys, for your pets, as this often helps them to settle in (smells from home).

We provide, bedding pods, bedding, feed/water bowls, scratching post, litter tray.  You are more than welcome to bring your cats own bed.   If in doubt, please check with us.





Large and Spacious, purpose built chalets, kitted out with everything suited to feline behavior, and aimed at providing an enhanced experience for your pet.  Built in accordance with the Animal Welfare (Licensing of Activities Involving Animals) Regulations 2018. -  Licence 20/02540/ANIACT. Built to the HIGHER specification regulations.

Indoor facility - so super cool in the summer, and super snug in the winter.

Deluxe Pen - suitable for a maximum of 2 cats.
Deluxe Extra pen - suitable for up to 4 cats (must be from the same household).



Grooming is available at additional charge.

Special Diets, regular medication, special environment needs, can all be accommodated, please contact us to discuss.  We are more than happy to accept cats with Diabetes (with or without daily injections).  Please speak to us about your cats needs.


Living on site, as owners we are available 24/7 to attend to your cats needs.   Regular daily checks, feeding routine, play time, nap time, and late evening checks are all carried out for every feline guest.


In a separate area of the cattery complex, small animal boarding is available.  Rabbits, Guinea Pigs, Hampsters, Mice, Rats, Tortoises etc can all be boarded with us.  Currently we are not able to take reptiles or exotics.


We are able to offer (subject to driver availability) a delivery/collection service.  Mileage and time are charged accordingly.  Please ask for your individual requirement



We are able to offer flexible boarding packages for any longer term requirements.  Moving house is always a stressful time, we aim to give your pets a safe haven whilst a house move takes place, and can even deliver your pets to your new home at a time suitable for all.  Contact us to discuss options


Sometimes things happen that are outside of our control, and our pets get hurt, injured or need veterinary intervention and surgery.  If as a result of illness, or injury, or as a result of surgery, your cat requires specific rehabilitation, cage rest, or the like, we are more than happy to board them and care for them under the guidance of your veterinary surgeon.  Contact us to discuss options.

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ABOUT - The Cat Chalets...….

All of our chalets are designed with the feline in mind.  From cubby holes, to hideaway places, with both high and low level daytime and night-time areas to give choice.  All chalets have a high-level sleeping area, with steps/ ledges, scratch posts and plenty of floor space to play and roam around.

All our pens are built to The Animal Welfare (Licensing of Activities Involving Animals) (England) Regulations 2018.  These regulations mean that the new minimum size pen must be designed and built to house a minimum of 2 cats.  The smaller single cat size has been removed completely from any new build.  As a result all of our Deluxe Pens (x8) have ample space for either 1 or 2 cat occupancy.  

We also have 4 Deluxe Extra pens - both of which are large and spacious, and able to accommodate up to 4 cats (from the same household).  

Being an indoor cattery, the entire building is heated.  This ensures a suitable, warm and comfortable environment, even on the coldest winter nights.

Summer ventilation is all natural, with numerous window openings within the building (all of which are covered with secure netting screens).  We have now installed air conditioning units which help to keep your pets cool during any warm summer days.  Temperatures are monitored during the day.

You are more than welcome to bring your cat's own toys and bedding if you wish.

Whilst we feed a range of high quality foods, special diets can be accommodated (at a supplementary cost).  Alternatively bring your cat's own food if you would prefer.





Low Furrow Cattery

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Email: cattery@lowfurrow.co.uk
Tel:  07484 333576

License: 02/02540/ANIACT

valid until 11 August 2022. 

Holder: Mrs Carolyn Ashford

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Monday - Friday

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Saturday AM Only

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Sundays and Bank Holidays CLOSED.

Outside of these hours, BY APPOINTMENT ONLY.